Here at Orobys we specialize in hydrogen fuel injection and storage systems that operate on conventional engines. We’re working on designing green and sustainable solutions to resolve the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Orobys is currently developing non-invasive hydrogen injection systems with the intent to turn generic gasoline internal combustion engines into hydrogen internal combustion engines. The current system is based solely on the combustion of gaseous hydrogen in small displacement engines. The coming system devised by Orobys is a non-invasive system that will have the capacity to combust both gasoline and hydrogen fuel. The point we seek to drive with a consumer base is the simplicity, power and reliability of hydrogen ICE (internal combustion engines).

The next step towards change is developing a sustainable fuel source that operates on the existing infrastructure of the modern combustion engine. Doing so will dwindle large industry’s reliance on oil and provide better sustainable solutions for the future. Hydrogen serves as the perfect fuel source being that it is infinitely sustainable, free of toxic emissions and a powerful fuel.

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