We believe the unity of a motor, a sustainable fuel source and a human centered product application can usher in a future of free energy.

Our Product

Orobys hydrogen systems produce power from traditional engines by using hydrogen as an alternative fuel. These systems use gaseous hydrogen as a main source of fuel inside an internal combustion engine. Our products allow traditional engines to produce zero carbon emissions with water vapor as the only byproduct. The systems are built to work safely and efficiently with traditional engines creating applications in industries such as power generation, transportation and heavy equipment. The system is retrofitted to small and large engines and do not need any invasive engine modifications to run. This gives our users peace of mind while affording them the power of hydrogen in a form all too familiar to them, the conventional engine.

 bike product example

These products are built with safety, performance and design in mind making them as reliable, efficient and functional as current gasoline engines. Current advances in hydrogen technology allow our system to produce more power than other gasoline motors while being environmentally safe. Due to the use of hydrogen sourced from water electrolysis or other non-fossile fuel splitting method’s no emissions are expelled from our systems, with water vapour being the only byproduct. Our technology combines direct injection, safe storage and advanced engine management systems in order to create greener, cheaper, performing and more efficient engines. We see the large scale potential of our engines as a revolutionary new beginning in alternative energy.


Hydrogen has been the focus of many experiments in the past, and with all of its current advances it has made its way into many industrial sectors. Industries like crude oil, electronics, food processing and metallurgy use hydrogen as a processing or refining agent. Consequently, many people do not realize just how expansive the current hydrogen infrastructure is. It is safely managed and even transported daily throughout the world. With this in mind we go through great lengths to ensure that our technology meets and even supersedes the changing standards of hydrogen technology. This means developing better safety measures, safer storage units and very reliable fuel ingection. We wish to remain ahead of the pack by continuously improving on technology in order to provide our future customers true peace of mind.



Behind every great product is a user immersed in the experience. This is why we strive to provide a well engineered and designed product that conforms to the standards of today’s users without compromising performance, reliability, security, interaction, function and aesthetics.